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Codex Chimalpahin: Table of Contents

INAH recently acquired a three volumes of manuscripts, formerly belonging to the British and Foreign Bible Society, which are now collectively being called “Codex Chimalpahin” for some reason. High-resolution images of the pages are now online, so I’ve put together a table of contents to help navigate it, similar to what I did for the Florentine Codex.

(This is basically copied from Wayne Ruwet’s description, published in a book also called Codex Chimalpahin, first volume of a series called Codex Chimalpahin, not all of the volumes of which are actually called Codex Chimalpahin, and which include but are not limited to the texts in the third volume of the manuscript now being called Codex Chimalpahin, albeit not in the original order, and also include other texts from sources not called Codex Chimalpahin.)

Volume 2 [Volume 1 in Ruwet’s description]
1. [Historía de la nación chichimeca.]
2. Compendio historico de los Reyes de Tetzcoco.

Volume 1 [Volume 2 in Ruwet’s description]
3. Letter signed “El riego” (loose).
4. Sumaria relación de todas las cosas que han sucedido en la Nueva España …
5. Historia de los señores chichimecos hasta la venida de los españoles.
6. Suma y epíloga de toda la descripción de Tlaxcala.
7. Latin letter (loose).
8. Relación de la jornada que hiso don Francisco de Sandoval Acaxitli …
9. Sumaria relación de la historia general de esta Nueva España …
10. [Relación sucinta en forma de memorial de las historias de Nueva España y sus señorios hasta el ingreso de los españoles.]
11. Document concerning Núño de Guzmán’s conduct in the torture and execution of Caltzontzin, ruler of Michoacan.
12. Cédula signed by Philip II returning lands belonging to Isabel Moteucçoma to her daughter María de Cano Moteucçoma.
13. Document from Tacuba dated 1579 that was used in the appeal of María de Cano Moteucçoma.

Volume 3
14. Historia o Chronica Mexicana y con su Calendario de los meses que tenian y de la manera que tenian encontar los años los Mexicanos en su infidelidad
15. [Crónica mexicáyotl]
16. [Calendars, native and Christian; signs of the zodiac.]
17. [Rulers of Tenochtitlan and their conquests.]
18. [Lineage of the Valderrama de Moteucçomas and the Sotelo de Moteucçomas.]
19. [Various high Tenochca and Tlatelolca lineages.]
20. [Connections between ruling houses of Azcapotzalco, Coatl Ichan, and Tlatelolco.]
21. [Don Gabriel de Ayala’s year count.]
22. Title in Spanish Relaciones en lengua mexicana …
23. [Rulers of Tenochtitlan, Tlacopan, and Texcoco.]
24. Historia o Chronica y con su Calendario Mexicana de los años
25. Huitzimengari, Constantino; Noticios sacadas de una información judicial … con el objecto de probar la extensión de sus dominios.
26. Document in the Tarascan language dated 1543.
27. Native place names distributed on the page like a map.
28. [Juan de San Antonio’s letter to don Pablo de Santa María Ahuachpaintzin and others asking for land; dated 13 December 1564.]
29. [Texcoca accounts of conquest episodes.]
30. [Descent of don Pedrillo.]
31. Memoria yninhualaliz Mexica azteca ynicohuallaquenican Mexico Tenuchtitlan
32. [Conquest of Tlatelolco.]
33. [Parentage and progeny of don Diego de San Francisco Tehuetzquititzin.]
34. [Escape of Moteucçoma Ilhuicamina and his companions from imprisonment and death in Chalco.]
35. [Two brief statements by don Hernando de Alvarado Teçoçomoctzin.]
36. [Early rulers of Tlatelolco.]
37. [Names of founders of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco.]
38. [Various Tenochca-Culhuaque lineages.]
39. [Ancient Mexican month count and ceremonial calendar.]
40. La decendencia y generacion de los Reyes y Señores y naturales del pueblo de culhuacan y tambien de aqui de los Reyes y Señores naturales enesta gran ciudad de mexico tenochtitlan
41. Spanish theological (?) account.



  1. Hey,

    I didn’t see any contact info so I hope it’s cool if this comment isn’t actually about the content above. I’ve been (quite lazily) studying Classical Nahuatl for a couple years, using Launey’s “Introduction” and Lockhart’s “Nahuatl as Written” and “An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl”. I only just today came across this set of Nahuatl blogs; I had written off the idea of such a blog existing on the internet after finding even Reddit’s /r/nahuatl sub to be fairly dead. (but do check it out if you haven’t already; I did post a few lessons there but stopped as it felt like I was talking to a wall)

    Anyway, I was wondering if you’d want any help with any of the aspects of your blog? I’ve been wanting to help with something like this ever since I really got into Nahuatl, but never saw any good inroad. As your re-transliterations show, there’s quite a lot of older stuff that hasn’t been updated properly, and it’s really cool you’re doing that.


    • The only help I can think of would just be commenting on what you’d like to see here.

      • Have you covered the Hueyi Tlamahuizoltica at all? Or Nezahualcoyotl’s poetry? It might also be interesting to look at slang and curse words.

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