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Aesop’s Fables 41: The Turtle and the Eagle.

Perry 230. For other Aesop’s fables see here.

¶ Ayotl yhuan quauhtli.

Ynayotl cenca quitlatlauhtiaya ynquauhtli ynicquimachtiz / inquenin huelpatlaniz. auh in quauhtli çanquitlacahualtia/ya ynic hamo quelehuiz patlanaliztli: yehica caamoypã / tlacat. auh ynayotl çacenca quitlatlauhtiaya ynicqui/machtiz. auh in quauh tli niman quiz timotzolo ynayotl / huelahco oquihuicac. auh yyehco quinemitia quauhtli o/quihualmacauh ynayotl centetl texcalli ypan otehtex/titihuetzico.

Yniçaçanilli techmachtia: Camiequintin yntlayelehuiliz/tica mixpopoyotilia, hamo quihuel caqui ynintenono/tzaliz ynoccenca mohcaliani. auh yca yniyolpolihui/liz motlaça ypan in miquiztli.

Āyō-tl     ī-huān    cuāuh-tli.
turtle-ABS 3sgP-with eagle-ABS.
The turtle and the eagle.

In  āyō-tl     cencah qui-tlātlauhtia-ya in  cuāuh-tli
SUB turtle-ABS very   3sgO-implore-IMPF  SUB eagle-ABS
A turtle was begging an eagle

in  īc      qui-mach-tī-z      in  quēn in  huel patlāni-z.
SUB thereby 3sgO-know-CAUS-FUT SUB how  SUB well fly-FUT
to teach him how to fly.

Auh in  cuāuh-tli çan  qui-tla-cāhua-ltia-ya
and SUB eagle-ABS only 3sgO-thing-abandon-CAUS-IMPF
But the eagle only tried to dissuade him

in  īc      ah=mō   qu-ēlēhuī-z   patlānaliz-tli;
SUB thereby not=not 3sgO-want-FUT flight-ABS
from wanting to fly,

yeh ī-ca    ca  ah=mō   ī-pan   tlācat-Ø.
it  3sgP-by IND not=not 3sgP-on be_born-PST
because he wasn't born that way.

Auh in  āyō-tl     ça   cencah qui-tlātlauhtia-ya in  īc      qui-mach-tī-z.
and SUB turtle-ABS only very   3sgO-implore-IMPF  SUB thereby 3sgO-know-CAUS-FUT
But the turtle persisted begging him to teach him.

Auh in  cuāuh-tli niman qu-izti-motzoloh-Ø  in  āyō-tl;
and SUB eagle-ABS then  3sgO-nail-grasp-PST SUB turtle-ABS
So the eagle grasped the turtle in his talons;

huel ahco ō=qui-huīca-c.
well up   PST=3sgO-carry-PST
he carried him high up.

Auh yyehco qui-nemī-tia   cuāuh-tli
and ???    3sgO-live-CAUS eagle-ABS
And the eagle ???

ō=qui-huāl-mācāuh-Ø      in āyō-tl;
PST=3sgO-hither-drop-PST SUB turtle-ABS
he dropped the turtle;

cen-te-tl     texcal-li ī-pan   ō=tehtexti-ti-huetzi-co
one-stone-ABS crag-ABS  3sgP-on PST=become_dust-LIG-fall-come
he fell onto a crag and smashed to pieces.

In  ī    zāzanil-li tēch-mach-tia:
SUB this fable-ABS  1plO-know-CAUS
This fable teaches us:

Ca  miequī-n-tin in  tlaēlēhuiliz-ti-ca m-īxpopoyōti-lia-h;
IND many-PL-PL   SUB desire-LIG-by      3plR-go_blind-CAUS-PL
Many are blinded by desire;

Ah=mō   qui-huelcaqui-h     in  īn-tēnōtzaliz in  oc    cencah mohcaliani.
not=not 3sgO-listen_well-PL SUB 3plP-advice   SUB still very   ???
they don't take advice which especially ???.

Auh ī-ca    in  ī-yōlpolihuiliz mo-tlāza-h    ī-pan   in  miquiz-tli.
and 3sgP-by SUB 3plP-confusion  3plR-throw-PL 3sgP-on SUB death-ABS
And because of their confusion they throw themselves to their deaths.

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