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Aesop’s Fables 16: A Person was Bitten by a Dog

The translation of The Man bitten by the Dog (Perry 64). For other Aesop’s fables see here.

¶ cetlacatl chichi quiquêtzo.

Cetlacatl quiquetzon chichi: quitemohuaya tiçitl inqui/pahttiz. auh ceycniuh quinamic, ynoquittili ycocol: / quinahuati ynic centetl octotonqui tlaxcalli quichi/chinaltiz yeço, ynoncã oquiquetzon chichi: auh yniquac / oquichichinalti tlaxcalli, niman quiyahuiliz ynchichi y/noquiquehtzon: ynicquiquaz. auh ynoquicac tlaqueh/tzontlj cenca ohuetzcac, quihto. yntlayuh nicchihua / yniuhtinechnahuatia, cuixamoylhuice ycniquin yolle/huaz ynixquichtin altepetl yttic nemi chichime?

Yniçaçanilli techmachtia, Caynyollococolleque, inte/toliniani, hamotle teycneliliztli huel yc tlacâcihui/tilo, yolcehuilo; nel ynquenman yeilhuice yctla/huelcuililo, poçonilo.

Cē  tlāca-tl   chichi qui-quehtzon-Ø.
one person-ABS dog    3sgO-bite-PST
A person was bitten by a dog.

Cē  tlāca-tl   qui-quehtzon-Ø chichi;
one person-ABS 3sgO-bite-PST
A person was bitten by a dog;

qui-tēmoa-ya   tīci-tl    in  qui-pahtī-z
3sgO-seek-IMPF doctor-ABS SUB 3sgO-heal-FUT
he was looking for a doctor to heal him.

Auh cē  ī-cnī-uh         qui-nāmic-Ø,  in  ō=qui-tti-tih-Ø       ī-cocōl;
and one 3sgP-friend-POSS 3sgO-meet-PST SUB PST=3sgO-see-CAUS-PST 3sgP-injury
And he came across a friend, who he showed his injury;

qui-nahuatih-Ø in=īc       cen-te-tl     oc    totōnqui tlaxcal-li   qui-chichīna-ltī-z    ī-ez-ō,
3sgO-order-PST SUB=thereby one-stone-ABS still hot      tortilla-ABS 3sgO-soak_up-CAUS-FUT 3sgP-blood-ness
he told him to use a still-warm tortilla to soak up his blood,

auh in=ihcuāc ō=qui-chichīna-ltih-Ø     tlaxcal-li,
and SUB=then  PST=3sgO-soak_up-CAUS-PST tortilla-ABS,
and after soaking it up with the tortilla,

niman qu-īyahui-lī-z      in  chichi in  ō=qui-quehtzon-Ø  in=īc       qui-cuā-z.
then  3sgO-offer-APPL-FUT SUB dog    SUB PST=3sgO-bite-PST SUB=thereby 3sgO-eat-FUT
offer it to the dog that bit him to eat.

Auh in  ō=qui-cac-Ø       tlaquehtzon-tli cencah ō=huetzca-c;
and SUB PST=3sgO-hear-PST bitten-ABS      very   PST=laugh-PST
And when the bitten one heard it he laughed loudly;

qui-htoh-Ø, "In=tla iuh  ni-c-chihua  in  iuh  ti-nēch-nahuatia,
3sgO-say-PST SUB=if thus 1sgS-3sgO-do SUB thus 2sgS-1sgO-order
he said, "If I do as you tell me,

cuix ah=mō   ilhuiceh  īc      ni-quin-yōlēhua-z       in  īxquich-tin āltepē-tl    ī-hti-c        nemi-h  chichi-meh?"
INTR not=not even_more thereby 1sgS-3sgO-encourage-FUT SUB every-PL    altepetl-ABS 3sgP-belly-LOC live-PL dog-PL
won't I be encouraging every dog that lives inside the altepetl [to bite me]"

In=ī[n]  zazanil-li tēch-mach-tia,
SUB=this fable-ABS  1plO-know-CAUS
This fable teaches us:

Ca  in  yōlloh-cocol-eh-que-h, in  tē-tolīnia-ni-h,
IND SUB heart-hate-have-AGT-PL SUB people-afflict-AGT-PL
Those who are mean-spirited, who harm others,

ah=mo=tleh  tēicnēliliz-tli huel īc      tlacahcihuī-tī-lo, yōlcēhuilo;
not=not=what compassion-ABS ably thereby be_tamed-CAUS-PASS be_calmed-PASS
no [amount of] compassion can tame, can calm;

nel   in  quēnman   yeh ilhuiceh  īc      tlahuēlcuītī-lo, pozōni-lo.
truly SUB sometimes 3sg even_more thereby anger-PASS,      boil-PASS
in fact sometimes it makes them even more angrier.


  1. I love how I just today read Jason Haugen stating that Nahuatl doesnt allow OSV sentences, I thought “I’m pretty sure it does”, and then the first subsequent Nahuatl text I see starts with one.

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