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Aesop’s Fables 38: The Donkey and the Horse

Based on The Ass that envied the Horse (Perry 357). For other Aesop’s fables see here.

I feel like this one might have more errors in it than the others. A few parts don’t make sense to me.

¶ Asno Yhuan Cauallo.

Centetl asno ceppa ytechmoxico centetl cauallo ynipampa / cenca mahuizmacho ya cenca tlamacoya: auh ynasno / momoztlaye yntlatequipanohuaya , auh ayaxcã yntlama / coya . auh cepa omolnamic . yaoyotl : in cauallo conchichiuh / ynitecuio , ypan onmotlali niman, yeyauh yyaoc.auh / ynocalaquitto yaoc, yyemicoali , nohuiampa oquiahya / hualoque yniaohuan: auh yniquac yemieccan quihxili : a / yaxcã y oteixpampa yehuac, ynotemacpa quiz. auh y /noquittac asno aocmocan tlacayectli cauallo , cenca / quitlaocoltin quihto, motolinia in mocniuh caballo , yn nino / matia haço çanen ycenca mahuizmacho , tlacahço miquizte / quiti.

Yniçaçanilli techmachtia. Caynmacehualti hamomone / qui yntechmoxicohque yntlattoque yhuan inmotlacamati: / çan mo nequi yctoyollo pachihuiz yntlein Cehcenyacã oquin / momaquili totecuiyo dios yehica Cayntlattoque yhuan / mo tlacamati occenca miecpa ohuitiliztli quinamiqui.

Āxnoh  ī-huān    cahuāyoh.
donkey 3sgP-with horse
The donkey and the horse.

Cen-te-tl     āxnoh  cep-pa    ī-tech  mo-xīcoh-Ø         cen-te-tl     cahuāyoh
one-stone-ABS donkey one-times 3sgP-to 3sgR-aggravate-PST one-stone-ABS horse
A donkey was once jealous of a horse,

in  ī-pampa      cencah mahuiz-mach-ō-ya,        cencah tla-mac-ō-ya
SUB 3sgP-because very   respected-know-PASS-IMPF very   something-give-PASS-IMPF
because he was greatly respected and provided for by people.

Auh in  āxnoh  mōmōztlayeh in  tla-tequipanoa-ya,
and SUB donkey every_day   SUB something-work-IMPF
But the donkey worked every day,

auh ayāxcān in  tla-mac-ō-ya.
and barely  SUB something-give-PASS-IMPF
and was hardly provided for.

Auh cep-pa   ō=mo-lnāmic-Ø         yāō-yō-tl.
and one-time PST=3sgR-remember-PST enemy-ness-ABS
Then one day war was declared(?).

In  cahuāyoh c-on-chihchīuh-Ø     in  ī-tēcui-yō;
SUB horse    3sgO-there-equip-PST SUB 3sgP-lord-ness
The horse's master equipped him,

ī-pan   on-mo-tlālih-Ø     niman;
3sgP-on there-3sgR-sit-PST then
then got on him,

ye      yāuh i[n] yāō-c.
already go   SUB  enemy-LOC
and he went to the battle.

Auh in  ō=calaqui-to   yāō-c,    i[n] ye      micoali,
and SUB PST=enter-went enemy-LOC SUB  already ???
And when he had entered the battle, when ...,

(The text is difficult to read, so micoali may be something else.)

nōhuiyām-pa     ō=qui-yah~yahualoh-que-h     in  ī-yāō-huā-n.
everywere-wards PST=3sgO-RDP-encircle-PST-PL SUB 3sgP-enemy-POS-PL
his enemies surrounded him on all sides.

Auh in  ihcuāc ye      miec-cān   qui-hxilih-Ø,
and SUB then   already many-where 3sgO-pierce-PST
And after he [they] had wounded him in many places,

ayāxcān  i[n] ō=tē-īx-pam-pa            yēhua-c   ō=tē-mā-c-pa               quīz-Ø
barely   SUB  PST=someone-eyes-on-wards leave-PST PST=someone-hand-LOC-wards emerge-PST
he barely escaped from sight, from their clutches.

Auh in  ō=qui-tta-c      āxnoh a=oc=mō=cān         tlāca-yēc-tli   cahuāyo,
and SUB PST=3sgO-see-PST horse not=still=not=where person-good-ABS horse
And when the donkey saw that the horse was no longer [healthy? respected?] anywhere,

cencah qui-tlaōcol-tih-Ø    [ī]n.
very   3sgO-be_sad-CAUS-PST this
he took pity on him.

(quitlaocoltin is a bit weird but I think this is the best interpretation.)

Qui-htoh-Ø, "Mo-tolinia   in  mo-cnīuh    cahūayoh.
3sgO-say-PST 3sgR-tolīnia SUB 2sgP-friend horse
He said, "Your [my] friend the horse is suffering.

In ni-no-mati-ya,       ahzo    za[n] nēn     i[n] cencah mahuiz-mach-ō.
SUB 1sgS-1sgR-know-IMPF perhaps only  in_vain SUB  very   respected-know-PASS
It seemed [seems] to me that perhaps it is pointless to be so respected.

Tlacahzo miquiz-tequiti."
INTERJ   death-work
Now I see you pay for it with your death."

In=ī[n]  çāçanil-li tēch-mach-tia:
SUB=this fable-ABS  1plO-know-caus
This fable teaches us:

Ca  in  mācēhual-ti[n] ha=mo   mo-nequi  īn-tech mo-xīcoh-que-h
IND SUB commoner-PL    not=not 3sgR-want 3sgP-to 3sgR-aggravate-PST-PL
Commoners don't need to be jealous of

(Shouldn't monequi be preceded by intech?)

in  tlahtohque-h ī-huān    in  mo-tlācamati-h.
SUB ruler-PL     3sgP-with sub 3sgR-obey-PL
rulers and the wealthy.

Zan  mo-nequi  īc      to-yōllō   pahihui-z,
only 3sgR-want thereby 1plP-heart settle-FUT
For us to be satisfied, we only need

in tle=in    cehcenyacan ō=quin-mo-māqu-ilih-Ø         to-Tēcui-yō    Tīyox,
SUB what=SUB one_each    PST=3plO-3sgR-give-APPLIC-PST 1plP-lord-ness God
what our Lord God gave each of us individually,

yeh=ī-ca   ca  in  tlahtohque-h ī-huān    mo-tlācamati-h
it=3sgP-by IND sub ruler-PL     3sgP-with 3sgR-obey-PL
because rulers and the wealthy

oc=cencah  miec-pa    ohuitiliz-tli qui-namiqui-h.
still=very many-times danger-ABS    3sgO-meet-PL
encounter danger much more often.

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