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Aesop’s Fables 28: The Seer

Perry 161. For other Aesop’s fables see here.

Previously I had assumed that the dialect simplified /tt/ to /t/, but seeing quihttac for standard quittac makes me think it must have turned /tt/ into /ht/ instead. Thus the scribe would have considered tt as just another way to write /ht/, hence mitonittihuitz for mitonihtihuitz; and htt in tlahttohua (for tlahtohua) and quihttac (quittac) is a combination of the two spellings. That still doesn’t explain ttiçitl though.

There’s also an interesting aspect of syntax which I might talk about in another post.

¶ tlaachpatopa yhttohuani.

Cetlaachtopayhttohuani tianquiznepantla quinanquiliticatca ynçaço a / quin quitlahtlaniaya yntleynipanhuallaz ypanmochihuaz. auh / cepa omachtlacatl cololo intlahtlaniloya tleynipan mochihuaz / cehceyâca, ynoquiçaco titlantli ychampa cencamitonittihuitz, quil / hui, tlaximoquetza, quintontlaachtopayhtoz: ynaxcã mocal / caça camacoyonticac, aoclte ohuetztoc ynmochan mochi: oquit / quique ynichteque motlatqui. auh ynoquicac cenca omocuiti / huetz, niman omoquetzatehuac, omotlalo ynichan.

Auh ohtlica oquinamic cetlacatl , ymoquihttac yhciuhtiuh, quil / hui. quenotimochiuh Ynhuel oticachtopayhtohuaya teaxca te / tlatqui : auh in tlein tepan mochi huaz oticmomachiztiaya:auh / yyetehuatl hamohuel oticma yntlein mopan mochihuaz?

Yniçaçanilli yntechpa tlahttohua, yyehuel quitzohuia tenemi / liz yntlahtoltica : auh yni inahqualnemiliz hamohuel / quitzohuia, hamo huel cahua.

The Seer.

Cē  tlaachtopaihtoāni tiānquiz-nepantlah qui-nānquilih-ti-cat-ca 
one seer              marketplace-middle 3sgO-answer-LIG-be-DPST
A seer was in the middle of the marketplace, answering

in  zāzo āqu=in  qui-tlahtlania-ya in  tle=in   ī-pan   huāl-lā-z,  ī-pan   mo-chīhua-z.
SUB ever who-SUB 3sgO-ask-IMPF     SUB what-SUB 3sgP-on here-go-FUT 3sgP-on REFL-make-FUT
anyone who asked what was going to happen to them.

Auh ce-pa    ō=mach     tlāca-tl   cōlō-lō   in  tlahtlanī-lō-ya tle=in   ī-pan   mo-chīhua-z   cēceyahca,
and one-time PST=really person-ABS bend-PASS SUB ask-PASS-IMPF   what-SUB 3sgP-on REFL-make-FUT individually
And one time people were gathered around asking what would happen to each of them,

in  ō=quīza-co      tītlan-tli    ī-chām-pa.
SUB PST=emerge-come messenger-ABS 3sgP-home-wards
when a messenger came from the direction of his home.

Cencah m-ītōnih-ti-huītz
very   REFL-sweat-LIG-come
He was sweating a lot as he came.

Qu-ilhui-Ø,  "Tlā  xi-mo-quetza!   Quin  t-on-tla-achtopaihtō-z."
3sgO-tell-PST COND 2sgS-REFL-stand later 2sgS-there-thing-predict-FUT
He said to him, "Stand up! You can tell the future later."

"In  āxcān mo-cal     zā   cama-coyōn-t-ihca-c."
 SUB now   2sgP-house just mouth-get_a_hole-LIG-stand-PST
"Right now your house is standing with its door broken."

"A=oc=tle       ō=huetz-t-o-c        in  mo-chān   mochi."
 not=still=what PST=fall-LIG-lie-PST SUB 2sgP-home all
"There is nothing left of what was in your home."

"Ō=qui-tqui-que-h      in  ichteque-h mo-tlatqui."
 PST=3sgO-carry-PST-PL SUB thief-PL   2sgP-property
"Thieves have taken your stuff."

Auh in  ō=qui-cac-Ø       cencah ō=mo-cui-ti-huetz-Ø.
and SUB PST=3sgO-hear-PST very   PST-REFL-take-LIG-fall-PST
And when he heard it he jumped with shock.

Niman ō=mo-quetza-t-ēhua-c;        ō=mo-tlaloh-Ø    in  ī-chān
then  PST=REFL-stand-LIG-leave-PST PST=REFL-run-PST SUB 3sgP-home
He immediately got up and left; he ran home.

Auh oh-tl=ī-ca       ō=qui-nāmic-Ø     cē  tlāca-tl   in  ō=qui-tta-c      ihciuh-tiuh
and road-ABS=3sgP-by PST=3sgO-meet-PST one person-ABS SUB PST=3sgO-see-PST hurry-go_along
And on the road he met someone who saw him hurrying along.

Qu-ilhui-Ø,  "Quēn ō=ti-mo-chīuh-Ø       in  huēl ō=ti-c-achtopaihtoā-ya     tē-āxcā            tē-tlatqui,
3sgO-tell-PST how  PST=2gS-REFL-make-PST SUB ably PST=2sgS-3sgO-predict-IMPF someone's-property someone's-property
He said to him, "How is it that you were able to make predictions about other people's things,

auh in  tle=in   tē-pan       mo-chīhua-z   ō=ti-c-mo-machiztiā-ya
and SUB what=SUB someone's-on REFL-make-FUT PST=2sgS-3sgO-REFL-say_you_know-IMPF
and said that you knew what would happen to people,

auh i   ye      tehhuā-tl ah=mo   huēl ō=ti-c-mah-Ø           in  tle=in   mo-pan  mo-chīhua-z?"
and SUB already 2sg-ABS   not=not ably PST=2sgS-3sgO-know-PST SUB what=SUB 2sgP-on REFL-make-FUT
yet you didn't know what would happen to yourself?"

In=ī     zāzanil-li īn-techpa  tla-htoa      
SUB=this fable-ABS  3plP-about something-say
This fable talks about

i=ye        huēl qui-tzohuia-h   tē-nemiliz     īn-tlahtōl-ti-ca,
SUB-already ably 3sgO-ensnare-PL someone's-life 3sgP-speech-LIG-by
those who criticize(?) other people's lives,

auh in  ī[m]-ahcual-nemiliz ah=mo   huēl qui-tzohuia-h,  ah=mo   huēl c-āhua-h.
and SUB 3plP-bad-life       not=not ably 3sgO-ensnare-PL not=not ably 3sgO-scold-PL
but don't criticize their own bad lives.

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