Posted by: ayac | October 5, 2014

Aesop’s Fables 9: The Fishermen

Perry 21. For other Aesop’s fables see here.

¶ tlahtlamaque.

Cequintin tlahtlama que yniquac omociauhcauhque tlahtla/ma ynâmotlecahci. ye mocuepaya yninchan , yniquac ah/mo in nehmachpa Cehuey michi ytoca Tunno oncho/lotihuetz ymacalco, caquihualtocaya occequintin mimich/tin auhynoquittaque tlahtlamaque Cenca opahpacque / oquihuicaque yninchan.

Yniçaçanilli techmachtia. Camiecpa topantemo in tlaqualli ynah/mo tonemachpa ynahmo yuhca toyollo.

The Fishermen.

Cequī-n-tin tlahtlamahque-h in  ihcuāc ō=mo-ciauhcāuh-que-h  tlahtlama-h in  ah=mō   tleh c-ahci-h.
some-PL-PL  fisherman-PL    SUB then   PST=REFL-tired-PST-PL fish-PL     SUB not=not what 3sgO-catch-PL
Some fishermen had gotten tired after fishing and not catching anything.

Ye      mo-cuepa-ya-h     in  īn-chān,
already REFL-turn-IMPF-PL SUB 3plP-home
They were starting to return home,

in  ihquāc ah=mō   īn-nehmach-pa     cē  huēi mich-in  ī-tōca    Tunno on-choloh-ti-huetz-Ø    īm-ācal-co
SUB then   not=not 3plP-knowledge-on one big  fish-ABS 3sgP-name tuna  there-jump-LIG-fall-PST 3plP-boat-LOC
without warning a big fish called a tuna suddenly jumped into their boat.

Ca  qui-huāl-tōca-ya         oc    cequī-n-tin mī~mich-tin
IND 3plO-here-follow-IMPF-PL still some-PL-PL  PL~fish-PL
It was chasing some other fish.

(Assuming quinhual- > quihual-.)

Auh in  ō=qui-tta-que-h     tlahtlamahque-h, cencah ō=pahpāc-que-h;     ō=qui-huīca-que-h     in  īn-chān.
and SUB PST=3sgO-see-PST-PL fisherman-PL     very   PST=be_happy-PST-PL PST=3sgO-bring-PST-PL SUB 3plP-home
And when the fishermen saw this, they were overjoyed [and] took them home.

In=ī     zāzanil-li tēch-mach-tia
SUB=this fable-ABS  1plO-know-CAUS
This fable teaches us:

Ca  miec-pa    to-pan  temō    in  tlacual-li in  ah=mō   to-nehmach-pa     in  ah=mō   iuhcah to-yōllō
IND many-times 1plP-on descend SUB food-ABS   SUB not=not 1plP-knowledge-on SUB not=not thus   1plP-heart
Often food falls upon us unexpectedly and without warning.

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