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Aesop’s Fables 15: The Widow and Her Hen

Perry 58. For other Aesop’s fables see here.

¶Ycnocihuatl yhuan ycihuatotol.

Ceycnocihuatl quihuapahuaya Centetl ycihuatotol: ynmomoz/tlaye centetl yteuh quitlaçaya. auh ceppa omoyolnonotz ynic/no cihuatl, quihto, canelli yntlacenca nic tequitlaqual/ti nototol , caontetl yniteuh quitlaçaz momoztlaye . nimã / quipehualti inquintequi tlamaca , yncenca quimocuitla/huiaya . auh yniquac ohueyx totoli niman omo/tetzauc , aocmotlatlaçaz.

Yniçaçanilli quittoznequi , caynteoyehuacatiliztli miecpa / çan noye huatl quihual huica ynmayanaliztli.

Icnō-cihuā tl    ī-huān    ī-cihuā-tōtol.
orphan-woman-ABS 3sgP-with 3sgP-woman-hen
The Widow and Her Hen.

Cē  icnō-cihuā-tl    qui-huapāhua-ya cen-te-tl     ī-cihuā-tōtol,
one orphan-woman-ABS 3sgO-raise-IMPF one-stone-ABS 3sgP-woman-hen
A widow looked after a hen,

in  mōmōztlayeh cen-te-tl     ī-te-uh        qui-tlāza-ya.
SUB every_day   one-stone-ABS 3sgP-stone-POS 3sgO-throw-IMPF
that laid an egg every day.

Auh cep-pa   ō=mo-yōl-nōnōtz-Ø         in  icnō-cihuā-tl,   qui-htoh-Ø,
and one-time PST-REFL-heart-advise-PST SUB orphan-woman-ABS 3sgO-say-PST
And one day the woman thought to herself,

"Ca  nel-li   in=tlā cencah ni-c-tequih-tla-cua-lti                  no-tōtol,
 IND true-ABS SUB=if very   1sgS-3sgO-excessively-something-eat-CAUS 1sgP-hen
"Surely if I really overfeed my hen,

ca  ōn-te-tl      in  ī-te-uh        qui-tlāza-z    mōmōztlayeh."
IND two-stone-ABS SUB 3sgP-stone-POS 3sgO-throw-FUT every_day
it'll lay two eggs every day."

Niman qui-pēhua-ltih-Ø    in  qui-tequih-tla-maca,            in  cencah qui-mo-cuitlahuia-ya.
then  3sgO-begin-CAUS-PST SUB 3sgO-excessively-something-give SUB very   3sgO-REFL-care_for-IMPF
So she started giving it too much, really spoiling it.

(I think [i]qui-mo-cuitlahuiaya[/i] should be [i]quicuitlahuiaya[/i].)

Auh in=ihcuāc ō=huēī-x-Ø         tōtol-in, niman ō=mo-te-tzauc-Ø;         
and SUB=then  PST=big-become-PST hen-ABS   then  PST-REFL-stone-close-ABS
And when the hen got fat, it stopped producing eggs;

a=oc=mō       tla-tlāza-z.
not=still=not something-throw-FUT
it would no longer lay anything.

In=ī     zāzanil-li qui-ttō-z-nequi:
SUB=this fable-ABS  3sgO-say-FUT-want
This fable means:

ca  in  teoyehuacatiliz-tli miec-pa   zan=no    yehhuā-tl qui-huāl-huīca  in mayānalizt-li.
IND SUB greed-ABS           many-time only=also it-ABS    3sgO-here-bring in hunger-ABS
greed often brings the same hunger.

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