Posted by: ayac | September 29, 2014

Aesop’s Fables

Nican ompehua yçaçanillatolli ynqui tlali ce tlama / tini ytoca Esopo: yctechmachtia ynnehmatcanemiliztli.
Here begin the fables composed by a wise man named Aesop; through them we are taught how to live prudently.

General notes

1. The Goat and the Coyote
2. The Coyote and the Deadly Mountain Lion
3. The Coyotes
4. The Crocodile and the Coyote
5. The Turkey Hens and a Bird Called a Partridge
6. The Coyote
7. The Charcoal Burner and the Cleaner
8. Vows That Can’t Be Fulfilled
9. The Fishermen
10. The Frogs
11. The Old Man and Death
12. The Old Woman with an Eye Disease
13. The Peasant and his Children
14. The Dogs and their Master
15. The Widow and her Hen
16. A Person was Bitten by a Dog
17. The Little Boys and the Sauce-maker
18. The Enemies
19. The Cat and the Mice
20. The Doctor and the Sick Person
21. The Birdcatcher and the Snake
22. The Coyote and the Wolf
24. The Dog and the Rooster
25. The Deadly Mountain Lion and the Frog
26. The Deadly Mountain Lion, the Donkey, and the Coyote
27. The Deadly Mountain Lion and the Wolf
28. The Seer
29. The Ant and the Dove
30. The Bat, the Bramble, the Swallow
31. The Sick Person and the Doctor
32. The Donkey and the Vegetable-Grower
33. The Birdcatcher and the Acatzanatl
34. The Child and his Mother
35. The Shepherd and the Sea
36. The Quetzal and the Parrot
37. The Hares and the Frogs
38. The Donkey and the Horse
39. The Miser
40. The Geese and the Ducks
41. The Turtle and the Eagle
42. The Forest Deer
43. The Female Forest Deer and the Fruit Vine
44. The Donkey and the Deadly Lion
45. The Shepherd and the Coyote
46. The Deadly Lion and the Wolf
47. A Negro


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