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Aesop’s Fables 10: The Frogs

¶ Cuicuia.

ONteme Cuicuia cecni amanalco nemia: auh yniquac / tonalco ohuac ynamanalli: nimanquizque quitemoto inca / nin qualcã atlan nemizque . auh yye cholotihui, centetl atla / comolli huehcatlan oquitaque. niman quihto incentetl / cuiatl , caqualcanin , ma nican tinemican . auhynocentetl / cuiatl , quinanquili, quilhui caqualcã ynĩnican atlacomol / co auh in tl cayntla nohuaquiz quen tihualquiçazque in / çatepan.

Yni çaçaniltontli yctimachtilo , ynic hamo çan ylihuiz ytla / huey ticpehualtizque: çanmonequi achtopa huelticnemi / lizque.

Ōn-te-meh    cuī~cuiya-h āmanal-co nemi-ya-h.
two-stone-PL PL-frog-PL  pond-LOC  live-IMPF-PL
Two frogs used to live in a pond.

Auh in  ihcuāc  tōnal-co       ō=huāc-Ø,
and SUB then    sun's_heat-LOC PST-dry-PST
But when it dried up in the sun,

niman quīz-que-h;   qui-tēmo-to-h     in  cān   in  cual-cān   ā-tlān.
then  emerge-PST-PL 3sgO-seek-went-PL SUB where SUB good-place water-in
they came out; they went to find somewhere good for them to live in the water.

Auh i    ye      choloh-tihui-h,
and SUB  already jump-along-PL
And while they were hopping along,

cen-te-tl     ātlacomōl-li huehca-tlan ō=qui-ta-que-h.
one-stone-ABS well-ABS     far-below   PST-3sgO-see-PST-PL
they found a deep well.

Niman qui-htoh-0   in  cen-te-tl     cuiya-tl,
then  3sgO-say-PST SUB one-stone-ABS frog-ABS
Then one frog said,

"Ca  cual-cān   īn.
 IND good-place this
"This is a good place.

Mā   nicān ti-nemi-cān."
SBJV here  1plS-live-PL
Let's live here."

Auh in  ō[c]  cen-te-tl     cuiya-tl qui-nānquilih-0; qui-lhuih-0,
and SUB still one-stone-ABS frog-ABS 3sgO-reply-PST   3sgO-tell-PST
But the other frog replied to him, telling him,

"Ca  cual-cān   in  īn   nicān ātlacomol-co.
 IND good-place SUB this here  well-LOC.
"It is good here in this well.

Auh ca  in=tlā   nō   huāqui-z,
and IND SUB=COND also dry-FUT,
But if it dries up too,

quēn ti-huāl-quīza-zque-h      in  zātēpan?"
how  1plS-hither-emerge-FUT-PL SUB afterwards
then how will we get out?

In  ī    zāzanil-tōn-tli īc      ti-mach-tī-lo-h
SUB this fable-DIM-ABS   thereby 1plS-know-CAUS-PASS-PL
Through this little fable we are taught

in  īc      ah=mō   zan  ilihuiz       ītlah     huēyi ti-c-pēhua-ltī-zque-h;
SUB thereby NEG=NEG just thoughtlessly something bug   1plS-3sgO-start-CAUS-FUT-PL
not to begin big things without thinking;

zan  mo-nequi  achtopa huēl ti-c-nemi-lī-zque-h.
only REFL-want first   ably 1plS-3sgO-live-APPL-FUT-PL
we must consider it carefully first.

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